Meet Sally Walvin

 Sally has been working as a freelance interior Stylist and Decorator for 8 years, working in residential and commercial interiors in her own business - "Creating Style".

Creating Style is dedicated to creating and designing beautiful spaces that function for everyone. Through many years of experience, Sally has developed an eye for detail and a strong sense of design and composition.

Sally was born into a creative family, with her father owning a furniture business for many decades. Continuing the family tradition, Sally assisted in a Commercial and Residential Property Styling company for several years. Being married to a residential builder, she is constantly surrounded by building, concepts and design discussions.

Through her experiences, Sally has carefully refined and strengthened her skills with clients admiring her ability to mix styles and texture - which keeps her styling personal, thoughtful and fresh.

Sally would describe her style as ‘refined simplicity’ – timeless, classic and understated.

How Can I Help You?

  • Receive the most up to date information on the latest innovations and products

  • Create the most practical and beautiful space without making costly errors offering knowledge & expertise help

  • Visit trade houses viewing bespoke pieces 

  • Access resources that aren’t available to the public

  • Visit an array of fabric houses for upholstering and window dressings


My Philosophy

With careful thought and imagination any home can be transformed into a stylish and comfortable environment, reflecting the owners personality and lifestyle.  A home needs to be a mix of textures, fabrics, tones, colour and patterns to give it life and interest.  Many people think employing a professional stylist will blow the budget. In fact, this is not true as we tailor our service to your individual needs and your budget.  You may be looking for a complete makeover or simply a couple of hours of advice. 

I love coming into a room and seeing how magnificent it can be after subtle changes.  It can make the most extraordinary difference to a person’s home, and their life.

The Art of Design

In today’s busy world, I believe that interior design plays a key role in creating a special place to relax and simply ‘chill out’.  We are all busy, so it’s great to enjoy a favourite chair, embrace your bedroom or relax with beautiful candles while taking long baths.  Each person has a different idea of what they want in their interior, so guiding my clients to create a variety of spaces to unwind and enjoy is paramount.  I’m passionate about working with you and understanding what’s important to you, then using these ideas to create your special space.

I have seen trends come and go and relish the challenge of interpreting the latest look that best suits my client’s needs and taste.  I like to create comfortable rooms and liveable interiors that are timeless.  Interior Design can be very similar to fashion, where anything goes – a reflection of a personality.  It is important to remember the created environment has to continue long after Creating Style has left, so planning and communication is an on-going process.  Essential to this partnership, one theme is a constant – comfort, practicality, functionality and beauty.